HIMSS 2014: Asteroids and Healthcare IT


“What good is it to be able to predict that an asteroid is going to hit Earth if you can’t prevent it from happening?”

During a presentation at the HIMSS 2014 Conference about ways predictive analytics help reduce future healthcare costs, AG Breitenstein, Chief Product Officer of Humedica asked that bold question about asteroids… and healthcare IT.

The prevailing theme at this year’s HIMSS Conference is the importance of big data analytics in improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of care. Approximately 40,000 attendees have gathered at the show to discuss ways we can better enable payers and providers to infuse more data science into every aspect of healthcare – from identifying high-risk patient populations in order to lower readmittance rates, to making personalized medicine a reality.

To AG’s point, predictive analytics are important, but we must leverage them in areas where a big impact can be recognized. Ask yourself:
1. Is there enough value in solving the problem?
2. Can the problem can be predicted?
3. Can the problem be prevented?
4. Can the predictive action be delivered in a timely fashion to make a difference?

So, what steps are necessary to change the course of patient care – or, as AG put it, stop the asteroid before it hits the earth?

From her perspective: organizations must integrate and transform data, analyze the data to predict those patients who are at risk and identify preventable measures, provide actionable insights to clinicians, and drive performance improvement through deep comparative benchmarks.

To put it more simply: Connect. Analyze. Act.

Many of the technology vendors at HIMSS claim they offer analytics capabilities. To do predictive analytics correctly, you need the right “industrialized” big data analytics platform with enough data science resources to get the right results, at the right time. Actian is committed to helping this industry more easily leverage Healthcare predictive analytics to modernize the industry. We look forward to helping you take that next step to transforming the economics of your healthcare offerings.

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Lance Speck is General Manager of the Actian Cloud and Healthcare teams. His primary responsibilities include leadership of sales, marketing and product development for SaaS and healthcare customers and partners. With his strategic leadership position, Lance is focused on delivering healthcare solutions to help payers and providers address an estimated $450 billion annual opportunity derived from data analytics, ranging from fraud analytics to patient readmission reduction to staff optimization to accountable care reporting and clinical auto-coding. His team is also responsible for delivering tightly coupled OEM relationships with leading SaaS providers to reduce hybrid integration friction and leverage the Actian Analytics Platform to reduce customer churn, increase average sales price and drive competitive differentiation. For more than 20 years, Lance has served in a variety of management, sales and product in the software including a decade focused on SaaS, cloud and healthcare. Lance joined Actian via its acquisition of Pervasive Software. He previously held sales roles at United Devices and Lotus Development Corporation and holds a BA in government from The University of Texas at Austin. Follow Lance on Twitter: @lancespeck

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