We’ve all done it. Purchased that must-have item that you just know will make life better.  Sure, you may not have the space or occasion for it yet, but you know you will.  And then it sits – untouched in the garage, unworn in your closet, unopened in the corner of your living room.  Organizations today follow similar behavior with analytics.  They know they need it, but they may not have the means to truly leverage it.  And so their analytics investments sit – in the lab, in the solitary set of hands of a designated analyst, waiting to reach their full potential.

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Actian hopes to change that, which is why we’ve made a big analytics announcement today, unveiling  our new Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program. The program, which comes from the brains of our very own data scientists at our Analytics Center of Excellence, delivers analytics blueprints that accelerate ROI and jump start your analytics projects.  Industry analyst Merv Adrian has stated that as many as 70% of big data analytics projects remain stuck in the lab. Customers often ask us, “How do I move to production?  How do I get started?  How do I move from operational analytics to predictive?”  Clear Path gives them an answer.

The concept behind the Clear Path program is not new. Our Actian Analytics Center of Excellence team has long been working with customers to deliver breakthrough big data concepts and address business challenges.  In fact, it is through these real-world engagements that we’ve developed the program. We’ve taken this real-world experience and packaged it in a way to make it repeatable for others, funneling that knowledge into analytics blueprints. The blueprints comprise proven methodologies and pre-defined workflows across advanced analytics.  Our data scientists have done the heavy lifting. Now you can reap the benefits, using the blueprints as starting points for deeper analysis and better accuracy.

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The blueprints can be delivered in several ways.  You can download the methodologies for free off of our website, use the analytics workflows with your data sets, or request a workshop with our data scientists to customize the blueprints based on your specific needs.

Our first set of blueprints focus on customer analytics and feature a set of 7:

  • Customer Profile Analysis: Create a 360-degree view of customer
  • Micro-Segmentation: Create more granular customer segments, down to a “segment of one”
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis: Discover and cultivate high-value customers
  • Next Best Action: Predict and influence customer decisions
  • Campaign Optimization: Rapidly build and refine campaigns
  • Churn Prediction/Prevention: Prevent high-value customers from leaving
  • Market Basket Analysis: Uncover hidden profitability

But we’re not stopping at customer analytics. The Actian Analytics team is already hard at work fine-tuning the next set of industry-specific blueprints.  Soon we’ll have a library of analytics blueprints addressing a wide array of domain and vertical big data challenges.

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Actian has always been committed to delivering on the promise of ‘Big Data for the Rest of Us™. This new program takes it a step further. By using Actian’s Clear Path Program, companies are receiving the equivalent of hundreds of services hours, intense efforts from the best data scientists and statisticians, experience of organizations that have implemented similar programs, and the most advanced predictive models – a set of resources that, until now, only the largest companies could afford.  While there are larger companies out there that offer solutions to the same problems, the process is much more expensive, both from a technology and services cost perspective. Clear Path isn’t about sending teams of consultants in for half a year only to come up with a roadmap at the end.  It’s about giving organizations direct access to the brains of our data scientists, and the opportunity to spend a day with them to truly jump start their analytics projects.

So while that expensive suit you bought may remain stuck in the back of your closet, your analytics investments can now be freed from the lab and move into production. It’s time to reap the benefits from analytics and create more ROI. The time is now. Clear Path is how.

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