Getting Ahead in the ‘Age of Data’ Arms Race


Given the growth of massive datasets being produced over the past few years, I tend to believe our CTO, Mike Hoskins, when he says that the world is transitioning into what he terms the ‘Age of Data.’ More and more products throw off staggering quantities of data every day, and organizations that don’t adapt to capitalize on that tidal wave will soon find themselves outgunned by competitors. Conversely, many of those who have caught on and integrate, explore and take business action on their data (or, as we like to say at Actian, Connect, Analyze and Act) before competitors can quickly differentiate and thrive.  The result – many foresighted Actian customers already deliver a fast, frictionless experience to their users that trumps competitive offerings, or even charts new territory altogether.

Autometrics is one of those customers, utilizing our data integration, data profiling, and massively parallel analytics database capabilities even before we assembled them into the Actian DataCloud and ParAccel Big Data Analytics platforms.

In these respects, Autometrics CEO Stephen Shaw is a visionary.  He understands that car companies are quickly becoming data companies.  (There’s a great write-up on Stephen and Autometrics in DataInformed – check it out at )  And this transition isn’t exclusive to the automotive world; in recent customer visits with Actian CEO Steve Shine, I was struck by how leaders in a variety of different industries are increasingly looking to  deliver the same kind of service as Autometrics- from reducing friction at the front end as they address increasingly diverse data sources, to the predictive analytics that help customers to understand buyer behavior at a very actionable and granular level, to prompting rapid or even automated action to drive business value.

Here at the new Actian, we can be a strategic partner and resource for these forward-thinking innovators. With world-class capabilities in data integration, data preparation, and big data analytics for every scale from multicore SMP to clusters to  Hadoop nodes, we give today’s and tomorrow’s leading organizations unprecedented ability to anticipate and act on business-transforming insights.

Some customers’ big data initiatives are in conceptual or planning phases, while others like Autometrics are already enjoying business benefits. Regardless, we are committed to being our customers’ trusted partner  and give them the tools they need so  they can innovate and out-maneuver their competitors.

Those who understand that the Age of Data is here, and who seek to embrace the opportunity it brings, will win out in the big data arms race. We have the good fortune to work with Autometrics and other arms race winners as they successfully expand their customer footprint through sophisticated data mining and predictive analytics, and we feel privileged to contribute to their success. I’m excited about the future and about collaborating for success with partners and customers worldwide in one of the most exciting eras in software history.

About Lance Speck

Lance Speck is General Manager of the Actian Cloud and Healthcare teams. His primary responsibilities include leadership of sales, marketing and product development for SaaS and healthcare customers and partners. With his strategic leadership position, Lance is focused on delivering healthcare solutions to help payers and providers address an estimated $450 billion annual opportunity derived from data analytics, ranging from fraud analytics to patient readmission reduction to staff optimization to accountable care reporting and clinical auto-coding. His team is also responsible for delivering tightly coupled OEM relationships with leading SaaS providers to reduce hybrid integration friction and leverage the Actian Analytics Platform to reduce customer churn, increase average sales price and drive competitive differentiation. For more than 20 years, Lance has served in a variety of management, sales and product in the software including a decade focused on SaaS, cloud and healthcare. Lance joined Actian via its acquisition of Pervasive Software. He previously held sales roles at United Devices and Lotus Development Corporation and holds a BA in government from The University of Texas at Austin. Follow Lance on Twitter: @lancespeck

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