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Unique Hotel Room Accoutrements #2

Unique Hotel Room Accoutrements #2: Only in Paris does one bottle of wine and three glasses make sense in a bedroom

The Actian web team recently added a tool to my blog called Wassup which provides me with real time statistics on my blog traffic. It’s interesting to see exactly how people wind up here; from people searching for “The View” and “The First Wives Club” who probably feel like they’ve stepped into a parallel universe, to people looking for more details on “Open Source Security Best Practices” who hopefully found something of interest. I can also see what operating system and browser you’re using and to the five of you out there who are persevering with Windows 98 I say upgrade to Linux now!

There are hundreds of people with an RSS feed to my blog, who I guess would be my regular readers, if only I blogged regularly. I had no idea until this week just how many of you there are out there, so I’ve decided that I owe it to you guys to blog more regularly. I’ll try to keep them short, interesting and amusing.  As always I’d appreciate your thoughts on blog topics and frequency!

Continuing on my unique hotel room accoutrements theme from last week – only in Paris does one bottle of wine and three glasses make sense in the bedroom!

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