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Happy New Year bloggers!

John Clarke recently posted a question to my blog asking what progress we’ve made on the Empire project since it was announced last year.   I asked Joe Kronk if he could answer John’s question, and decided to share Joe’s answer here rather than burying it in the comment section of an old post.

Q. Could someone please update the community on the progress of OpenROAD Empire.  The original code was release in April 2008 for testing purposes but the ULA contained restrictions on its use.   Not exactly open-source.  It’s been nearly ten months since any further developments.

Is the Empire project now dead?


Actian is actively supporting the Empire project.  At this point Empire is an open source project that relies on infrastructure which is still closed source.  I have addressed why this is in response to a question on our forums.  Here is the link:  http://community.actian.com/forum/empire-project/2156-source-code-3gl-parts-openroad.html The Empire project is alive and well.  I am quite excited about the work that has been accomplished in the last 10 months.  We have conducted three code sprints around the world starting in the Dominican Republic, in the UK, and recently in Australia.  Each sprint has had more attendees than the previous events.  At Actian we have been busy building the infrastructure so that external commitors will be able to submit changes directly into the Empire source repository.  We are actively engaging the community to provide the information that is needed to be part of the Empire project.  A community list has been set up as well as a developer list for those who want to be more actively involved in the project.  These lists are being used to communicate information and to manage two major projects going through the development process.  They are XML Support and and Tagged Values (Extended Properties) Support.  Both projects have posted design documents which were subject to an open review process.  Recently we publicly demonstrated the integration potential of XML support by showing an Empire application being developed and run entirely from the Eclispe IDE.  You can find information about these projects at this link: http://community.actian.com/wiki/Empire_Interpreter_Project Interest in the Empire project has been steadily growing. I still have several emails waiting for a response where individuals have volunteered to help.  Actian supports mission critical systems around the globe and the Empire project is in the early stages of its existence.  Yes, you might think that I am biased but Empire is alive and well. I invite you and anyone else reading this to come join us in building Empire.  More information can be found here: http://community.actian.com/wiki/Actian_OpenROAD_Projects If you are interested in joining us look here: http://community.actian.com/wiki/Actian_OpenROAD_Community.


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