Driving High-Impact Action with Your Big Data: Coffee @ Actian with Ray Gets Insights from Demandbase’s Avanish Sahai


Ready for a fresh jolt of java with Constellation Research’s Ray Wang?  Check out our all-new episode with Ray and Avanish Sahai, Chief Product Officer of Demandbase. They explore how big data has impacted the customer journey and how organizations can quickly adapt to take advantage of the benefits of big data – and drive meaningful business action as a result.

The cloud is critical to unlocking the value of big data, Avanish tells us – it allows data to converge efficiently from different internal and external sources.  Data is born in a slew of different locations, and you really get power from it by combining data from multiple sources.

Demandbase focuses on the B2B market, applying personalization and engagement with big data analytics that are ripe for the kind of unique identification and customized experience that consumers have been getting.  With identification and analysis real-time on the cloud, customers enjoy a higher level of engagement and more meaningful content, giving them a unique journey based on their role, their experience, their interests.

Avanish describes how CMOs can leverage emerging technologies to create customized data-driven experiences for their prospects and customers and deploy analytics focused on foresight rather than a hindsight.  CMOs should start with the basics and frame big data initiatives in terms of the core business questions the CMO and LOB stakeholders want to answer. As Ray and Avanish discuss, it’s a big break from the monolithic data warehouse projects of the past. The question-based approach generally starts with, “Who are my next customers and where are they coming from?”

Actian CMO Ashish Gupta joins Ray and Avanish to discuss the value of running rapid analytics on the full range data from multiple sources. Ashish and Avanish talk about the “Segment of One” – focusing on each customer’s individual needs and experiences to improve success, reduce risk and accelerate engagement. It helps to run a quick trial to get initial insights before committing to a larger initiative, and the cloud is key to making that possible.  Traditional architectures and systems can’t scale to meet the demands of today’s data volumes and variety but new technologies are on the scene with a proven track record of success.  Want to learn the four key elements to a success big data initiative?  Want to hear from industry leaders whose customers have transformed their business with predictive analytics on big data?  Then tune in now for the latest and greatest Coffee @ Actian With Ray!

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