Big Data for the Rest of Us


I talk to businesses all over the world and a theme I hear again and again is utter frustration with getting the value out of the data that they know should be available to them.  It’s like these organizations and individuals can see the little tip of the iceberg, but the massive value that they want to unlock is hidden from view and inaccessible.

There are big data solutions available that can process massive data volumes. The bad news is that only a handful of the privileged few, what you might call the 1%, have the deep pockets and benches full of Ph.D.s required to leverage that expensive specialised technology.

In short, today’s technologies sidestep the real-world issues that 99% of organizations must deal with like how to:

  • coexist with existing infrastructure
  • beat the competition with limited budget and few (if any) skilled resources
  • cope with a rapidly growing and fast-changing data landscape

So now for the GOOD news.  Actian is here to deliver Big Data for the Rest of Us – a big data analytics platform that transforms your business so you can analyse and act on data to drive material, bottom-line improvements with far-reaching impact.  Actian transforms big data into business value for any organization.

When we commit to Big Data for the Rest of Us, we mean that you can adopt incrementally for fast ROI or deploy at enterprise scale.  We give you seamless connection to ALL your information sources – structured or unstructured, machine-generated or legacy, cloud or on-premises, from Hadoop to a traditional data warehouse.

We help you leverage your existing investments and deliver at a cost and speed that make business sense.

We have hundreds of customers already embracing Big Data for the Rest of Us and I welcome a conversation with you to explore how we can help you transform your business – starting now.

About Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta joined Actian in 2013, where he is responsible for marketing and business development. Ashish brings more than 21 years of experience in enterprise software companies where he focused on creating go-to-market approaches that scale rapidly and building product portfolio that became category leaders in the industry.

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