Over past year or so, comedy has started making fun of the usually staid world of big data—a sure sign that big data is here to stay. (At least long enough so we can poke fun at it.)

This afternoon, I asked several in-the-know data analytics people on the best way to hire a data scientist. Answers varied from the solemn to the silly. To see the results of our hunt for answers, check out the “Get Me a Data Scientist” video, which is info packed and very insightful. It drives home the fact that: a) finding a data scientist (the right one) can be difficult and b) most data scientists are using outdated tools and techniques designed for sampling small data sets—not big data. And all these old school techniques take too long to deliver results.

So, if the first item on your bucket list is to finish a data model, and you are looking to understand what most organizations face in trying to find a data scientist, or how to overcome the problem altogether, check out this creative video. And if you want to learn even more on how predictive analytics can help your business, please visit us at: actian.com.

Get Me A Data Scientist!

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