Back in the Saddle

Bedside reading in Texas

Bedside reading in Texas

I’ve been away from my blog for a number of weeks and I’m just now getting back in the saddle. I’m writing this on my way back to New York following an Eclipse Foundation Board meeting in Dallas where I visited a shooting range and fired a gun for the first time. Amusingly the bedside reading provided by my hotel in Dallas was a magazine called “Garden and Gun” – only in Texas could that seem like an obvious combination!

Next week I’ll be in Paris for the Paris Captiale du Libre event. It will be my first time at the PCL event and I’m looking forward to participating in a panel discussion on global open source trends. No doubt we’ll talk about the role of open source in the global economic crisis, fighting the FUD surrounding open source security and I suspect we’ll also touch upon commercial companies buying open source innovation.

Talking about the acquisition of open source innovation – I’d like to get your thoughts on what’s happening at MySQL, and in particular the rumor that Monty Widenus, who put the “My” in MySQL may be leaving Sun less than a year after the acquisition. I suspect that Monty’s departure could have something to do with Drizzle and a desire to return MySQL to its roots. I plan on adding a second chapter to the “Happily Ever After?” fairy tale when I find out some more about it. I’ve already decided on a title – “The Full Monty”. In an unrelated move, Josh Berkus, a prominent leader in the PostgreSQL community, also left Sun this summer.

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