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We have been working for two years now to deliver Actian VectorWise.  With the first release, which we welcome today, we at Actian are making a statement in the database industry and about the direction of Actian as a company. Actian VectorWise proves that open innovation can deliver a breakthrough product. And, we have established Actian Corporation as a technology leader, once again, in the database industry.

Our beta customers confirmed what we announced with Intel last summer, that the Actian VectorWise product is fast! At the top-end of the range, our customers and lab test results show 70x to 80x increases in performance. Anecdotally, one beta customer reported reducing a specific report run from 25 minutes to under 10 seconds.

We have also shown that speed begets simplicity. Since the new query engine runs with such speed, a number of the steps to create special schema or indexes, are no longer necessary. Our users have been able to install, load data and run queries with minimal set-up. Not to be outdone on simplicity, our development team added automatic indexing and compression which enhances performance without adding complex.

We did accomplished this ground-breaking effort through a relatively open collaboration with VectorWise B.V., a spin-off from the Dutch research institute, CWI. We have provided code to other scientists, who have investigated the technology and we hope to have more research published on this technology. Take a look at our forums , and you will see that we continue to have an open dialogue about our product status and direction.

As Actian VectorWise begins its life as a product, customers and partners will realize great value. Actian VectorWise will serve as a great migration for applications where complex queries run slow, or for those applications with massive amounts of historical data. We ask anyone interested to download the free trial version of Actian VectorWise and share their experiences with us, and others.

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Fred Gallagher is responsible for managing the business activities related to strategic accounts and partners for the Actian Analytics Platform and for Actian Corporate Development. He previously served as General Manager of Actian Vector. Prior to joining Actian, Fred worked for Qlusters, where he was responsible for worldwide sales, marketing, and business development. At Qlusters, he successfully launched the industry's first open source systems management project. Prior to that, he worked at VMWare, where he was responsible for worldwide software alliances, and where he established 15 successful strategic alliances during a high-growth period. Previously, he was at Seagate Technology, where he was Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Business Development for Seagate's XIOtech subsidiary. Fred holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.

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