In my earlier blog, I decried the limitations of Hadoop and described the incredible leap forward underway as Actian and others industrialize Hadoop to make Big Data benefits available mainstream.  Today I’ll describe in more detail how the end-to-end Actian Analytics Platform preserves the power of native Hadoop execution while acting as a Hadoop exoskeleton (kudos to Mike Gualtieri for that evocative phrase) to neatly deliver accessibility, performance and the true business benefits of Big Data Analytics to organizations everywhere – the essence of Accelerating Big Data 2.0™.

As Mike Vizard notes in IT Business Edge, “Conventional wisdom holds that as a batch-oriented platform, Hadoop is not well suited for running high-performance analytics applications. This week, however, Actian unveiled the Actian Analytics Platform, which enables a massively parallel columnar database to process Hadoop data in a way that boosts analytics applications performance by a factor of ten.”

In addition to the graphical design capabilities I described earlier, which vastly accelerate design-time for data analytics that execute natively on Hadoop, Actian accelerates execution on Hadoop with several doses of secret sauce.

  • First, we let you take analytics to where the data lives – in HBase and HDFS – rather than forcing you to incur the friction of moving Big Data into an analytical repository.
  • For lightning-fast SQL queries on Hadoop, we offer a truly columnar massively parallel big data analytics database and pre-defined parallel analytics operators that deliver breathtaking price-performance.
  • And if you want triple-store key-value stores running natively on Hadoop, our spinout SPARQLcity delivers best-in-class graph DB capabilities.

Combined, these analytic capabilities enable adaptive workloads, giving you the flexibility to tailor and optimize analytics execution according to the specific parameters of each analytical job. And even better – it is all available on a single software platform that is several years ahead of the point-solution alternatives and designed to be future-proof.

If you’re already a Hadoop convert, I challenge you to radically reinvent your Hadoop price-performance ROI by leveraging our capabilities.  What if you could elegantly get the same Hadoop performance on a 10-node cluster that you currently sweat and toil to wring out of a 50-node cluster?  What if you could scale to meet data loads that are doubling, tripling or quintupling in volume without ever adding another node – just by leveraging modern scale-up (not just scale-out) and chip-level Vector technologies?

If you’re ready to transform your business and gain a competitive edge with Big Data Analytics that prompt action, but you’ve held off because of constraints around time, expertise and expense, I challenge you to become a Big Data Robocop with the Actian Hadoop Exoskeleton.  Do an end run around clunky first-generation Hadoop implementations. Explore our site, sit in on the Webinar (“Do you Hadoop? Study findings, best practices and real-world customer stories”), visit us at Strata in booth 725.  The time to act is now.

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