A Face Like a Map of Ireland


After living in the US for over a dozen years I’m almost fluent in the language, but I’m still taken by surprise every so often.  The latest incident was when a friend referred to me as having “a face like a map of Ireland”.   In Ireland that means that you’re so decrepit that the lines on your face resemble a map.  In the US, it apparently means that you look typically Irish – well either that or my friend, Leslie, can think very fast on her feet.

So what’s this got to do with Ingres?  Immediately before the launch of Ingres 10S I had an email from one of the guys at Rational Commerce, who was at a conference in Ireland, asking if we’d thought about using Ingres 10S in facial recognition.   While the early deployments of Ingres 10S are being used for managing utilities and natural resources, I really like the idea of using the spatial capabilities of Ingres 10S for biometrics; as I see it a face is simply a series of three dimensional coordinates.  Down the line we could couple facial recognition capabilities with the speed of Vectorwise and you can imagine the possibilities.   We’re going to take a more serious look into this when we get a chance to come up for air.  The Ingres 10S launch, and the subsequent webcast presented by myself and Tyler Mitchell, has generated quite a bit of interest in Ingres 10S, some of it from brand new prospects, and some of it from old friends like Tom Turchioe and George Merritt.

If you’d like to learn more about the spatial features added to Ingres 10S or to engage with us on a spatial project, please visit http://www.actian.com/products/ingres/geospatial or contact us at geospatial@actian.com

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